Parish of San Miguel de Allende


There is no visitor for anyone who goes unnoticed. It is a true spectacle. Come and walk the streets of this beautiful town, you will find in every corner something magical, just going to sit in the square that faces the parish and see the visitors pass is a surreal experience.




San Miguel De Allende Square


The plaza is San Miguel's favorite place to eat, gather and enjoy the festivals!

Horseback riding


Experience San Miguel in the most spectacular way. We can offer you rides from 30 min up to 2 hours. They can be outside town or through the streets of San Miguel. If you want to live a magical morning or a stunning afternoon. This could be and extraordinary activity.

Discover the real flavors of San Miguel.


In this beautiful town you can enjoy a delicious cuisine. Which runs on finding snacks in the street stalls and the market, to the most sophisticated international cuisine, offered by its outstanding restaurants and boutiques hotels.